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About the Free Lifesaving Society

Mission Statement

The Free Lifesaving Society publishes free survival swimming and lifesaving training materials for teams worldwide, especially in developing countries where they are needed most.


After a few months of preparation, the Free Lifesaving Society was launched in Hong Kong in 2009 to provide free training materials to developing countries. Over the years we got many emails from local teams or schools who adopted our training methods. Now we have friends and teams around the world.


The work of the Free Lifesaving Society is done through the efforts of volunteers who develop relationships with appropriate organisations and leaders to provide services where they are needed. Please support our teams worldwide or start a local team. Get more swimmers involved. With your help more people can be reached.

Sharing Lifesaving Knowledge

We share technical expertise and training programmes to help communities and countries reduce loss of life through drowning, help establish independent lifesaving teams, provide teaching assistance, and support the global exchange of free lifesaving information and resources.

Learn proven training methods for survival swimming and realistic lifesaving lessons. Some new methods may seem unusual at first, but give them a try and see what works for you and your team.

Lifeguard Qualifications

Lifeguard qualifications are awarded by the national organisations in your country. This is necessary for you to get a lifeguard job in your area.

We encourage you to work closely with local teams and national organisations in your country. Lifesaving is a team effort.

Together we can make a difference!

A Big Thank You

Readers and Contributors

We wish to say a big "Thank you" to all the readers who have sent us their encouragement and support, plus free photos and information from their survival swimming or lifeguard training. Thank you all very much!

You can help by creating content for this website which is read by over 20,000 unique visitors every month (January 2024). Take a look around to find pages that need improvement. Please contact us with detailed suggestions and we make the requisite changes where possible.


We also thank our sponsors who help fund the Free Lifesaving Society. Without your help this website would not have happened.

Healthy Online Shop
Our nutrition sponsor keeps our teams well nourished with finest nutrition supplements for optimal perforamance.

Swimwear Guide
These guides help you find the right swimming kit. They make a generous contribution to fund further development of this website and provide kit for our research and development team.

Our ISP donates free web-hosting and maintains the content management system we use.

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