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Games for Aquatic Fitness

"We're here for serious training, not games!" If that's your attitude you'll miss an important point.

Learning is an emotional activity, unlike computer programming. We'll remember better when we have fun. Enjoy these games in your swimming group or lifesaving class. These games are designed to build team spirit and co-operation, but most of all they train for survival swimming in a playful manner.


Before you jump in, there are several things to consider:
  1. Supervise your group when they are in or near water, no matter how good swimmers they are. A lifeguard in addition to the teacher should watch the pool.

  2. Always maintain a high level of safety. Don't let them go all wild and out of control. Maintain some discipline and all have a lot more fun.

  3. Make sure your group is trained in clothed swimming which is part of many games.

Aquatic Agility Through Games

The objective of aquatic agility training is to improve your water survival chances and help you do more effective lifesaving rescues.

When you can move in water with confidence, even when fully clothed, you will be much safer in any situation. This needs practice and time, but is good fun as games teach this in an entertaining way.

There is no need for rigid training routines. The most efficient way to practice and teach aquatic agility is with pools games.

Enjoy Learning New Skills

Loosen up your training with games that teach useful skills, initiative and team spirit, while everybody experiences the connection between swimming and fun.

Our water games have been adapted from a number of sources, the best being the ideas from our readers. Some are well known dry games that have been modified for the pool.

Most games work nicely with six or more participants, but you can make them suit the number, ages and skill levels of your group. Organise fun competitions.

Team Colours

Dress up in team colours so you know who is in what team. Clothes add interest and raise the training effect. They are often cheaper than special accessories. You can even the odds by making the faster swimmers wear more clothes.

Variety and Speed

People love to play in the water, but get tired of the same games all the time. As you play, remember the faster the pace, the more the game will hold your group's interest. Another trick is to vary the games so that everyone can do something well.

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